Mudge Plumbing & Gas is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient plumbing and gas services to Perth. We arrive at the pre-agreed time so you’re never left waiting. We understand your time is important, and that’s why we work to fit in with your busy lifestyle.


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Check out our pre-quoted domestic services with no hidden costs. If the service you require is not on the  list below please submit an enquiry form or call  08 9403 6446 to get your free, no obligation quote. If you require the services of a Commercial Plumber please view our Mudge Commercial Plumbing page.


    All prices include GST and start from;

    Service leaking taps $104.50 and $35 for each additional taps *

    Service leaking toilet $110 and $75 for each additional toilets *

    Repair burst/leaking water pipe $300 **

    Locate and repair burst/leaking pipe with leak detection $450 **

    Change over outside tap and vacuum breaker $124.50

    Change over basin/sink taps $181.50 ^

    Change over basin/sink mixer $126.50 ^

    Change over shower or bath taps $126.50 ^

    Change over shower taps and installation of shower rail $154 ^

    Change over toilet and cistern $415 ^

    Reticulation point installation $275

    Service evaporative air conditioner $121


    All prices include GST and start from;

    Change over gas cooktop $245 ^

    Change over free standing oven $295 ^

    Installation of bayonet point and vents $445

    Installation of BBQ bayonet point $325

    New gas connection for new or existing homes $POR

    Locate and repair gas leaks $POR

    Installation or changeover of a gas heater $POR


    All prices include GST and start from;


    Bosch 10 P $1050.00 ^^

    Bosch 10 H $1150.00 ^^


    Rheem Integrity 18 $1595.00 ^^

    Rheem Integrity 20 $1650.00 ^^

    Rheem Integrity 24 $1850.00 ^^

    Rheem Integrity 27 $1950.00 ^^


    Vulcan 135L $1550 ^^

    Vulcan 160L $1750 ^^

    Rheem Stellar 330 $1950.00 ^^

    Rheem Stellar 360 $2150.00 ^^

    Additional hot water unit/models available on request.

    If you are considering changing over to a different type of Hot water Unit please submit an enquiry form or call 1300 MR Plumber to arrange an obligation free quote.


    All prices include GST and start from;

    Unblock drain single fixture $99 **

    Unblock drain and acid flush ½ bottle $132 full bottle $165 **

    Unblock drain with drain machine $236.50 **

    Camera inspection available on request.


    Are you looking for an approved Aquarius service agent?

    Mudge Plumbing and Gas are approved by the Department of Health to service the Aquarius range of waste water management systems.
    Servicing these systems is required to ensure that they operate efficiently all year round.

    $ POR



  • * Price includes replacement washers but doesn’t include replacement of faulty components.
  • ** Additional charges will be incurred if cutting or jack hammering concrete or bricks is required to repair pipework.
  • ^ Price does not include supply of taps, fixtures or appliances price to supply can be provided upon request.
  • ^^ Price is for like for like changeover including replacement isolation and relief valves. Additional charges will be incurred if unit requires relocation.
  • Mudge Plumbing & Gas reserves the right to charge additional costs if work required exceeds standard changeover or repairs. Clients will be notified of additional costs prior to commencement of works.