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Our Bathroom Renovation Services

If you are considering renovating your bathroom or laundry a plumber is the most important trade to consult. Our years of experience will ensure that your design is practical and functional but also looks great. You can engage us to Project Manage your entire renovation or you can simply engage us to install the plumbing elements of your renovation.

We also do Commercial Bathroom Renovations for Perth Businesses.

Project Management vs Plumbing Services

If you have previous renovation experience you are probably aware that coordinating all the necessary materials and trades can be pretty challenging and stressful. A typical Bathroom or Laundry renovation can require a Plumber, Tiler, Plasterer, Painter, Glazier, Electrician and some times other specialist trades depending upon the scope of the renovation. It can also be a bit of a lottery selecting reliable trades with a high standard of workmanship and it only takes problems with one of these trades to result in annoying delays and / or cost blowouts.

Our Project Management service provides the following benefits;

  • Saves you time and the headache of having to coordinate the renovation yourself.
  • Ensures the correct materials are ordered the first time, avoiding delays to your renovation.
  • Ensures materials are ordered on time and delivered on site, avoiding delays to your renovation.
  • Ensure that only reliable trades with a high standard of workmanship are used through out the project, avoiding delays and cost blow outs.
  • We are responsible and are better qualified to quality assure the workmanship of the other trades.
  • We become you one point of contact for any issues, queries or warranty claims.

Whether you should use our Project Management Services depends upon a number of considerations, so we have provided the following as a guide;

Bathroom Renovation Project SupervisorEngage Us To Project Manage Your Renovation, When;

1. You don’t have the time or desire to project manage the renovation.

2. Having the renovation completed on time is important (no bathroom for 6 weeks can be very annoying).

3. You have no previous renovation experience.

4. You don’t have known, reliable and quality trades available.

Or Icon

Bathroom Renovation PlumberEngage Us To Perform Your Plumbing Work Only, When:

1. Your want to save money. Your will save approximately 10% of your total renovation costs if you are willing to project manage the renovation yourself.

2. You have the time and inclination to project manage the renovation yourself.

3. You have reliable and quality trades that you have dealt with before.


The Renovation Process

There are four basics steps when it comes to renovating;

  1. Establish design and budget
  2. Demolition works
  3. Preparation works 
  4. Fit off and finish

An outline of what is involved in each stage is provided below.

1.  Establish Your Design And Budget.

Planning you Perth bathroom design

Hedroom Designer helping plan a bathroom renovation

Good planning is critical to a successful bathroom renovation. A well thought out, practical design will ensure no project delays and cost blow outs and reduce the chances of future problems.  Your budget is also an important part of your design considerations and will often influence the final design you end up selecting for your bathroom renovation.

For simple, straight forward bathroom renovations, we would recommend that Perth home owners  don’t require the services of a designer. However for the majority of Bathroom Renovations we believe the services of an interior designer can be invaluable. For this reason we have teamed up with one of Perth’s leading Interior Designers – Hedroom Interiors.

So whether you already have a design in mind or you are unsure which design would suit and are looking for some ideas or inspiration, then letting one of Hedroom’s consultants discuss your ideas  and review your design will help ensure that your planned renovation will be practical and produce the look that you are after.

Further information regarding Hedroom Interiors’ Design Services can be found here.

2.  Demolition Works
This phase involves the removal of the old materials and fixtures not required in the finish build. It is important to get existing services (water & electricity) isolated prior to demolition work and if removing existing walls the building should be checked structurally and for any other dangers such as asbestos prior to removing. You will also need to consider where waste and rubbish is going to be placed, so that it doesn’t hinder the tradesmen going forward.
Mudge Plumbing is able to assist in this step by organising isolation of your services, delivery of a site skip bin, ensuring demolition works are completed clean and safely and the removal of rubbish from site.

3.  Preparation Works

Bathroom renovation preparation works

Bathroom preparation works

This part of the renovation is where the services (water and electricity) and structures (walls, ceilings etc) are installed or altered to suit the renovation. Basically it is all the preparation work for the renovation. It is important that the decision making has been finalised as changes during or after this phase will most likely create delays and additional costs. A well planned design will help prevent this happening.

Checking the integrity of newly installed and existing services and structures is critical during this phase, as any problems are difficult and often costly to rectify once you proceed to the final “Fit Off And Finish”.
Mudge Plumbing can assist in this step by scheduling required trades and ordering materials, ensuring work is completed to a high standard, complete plumbing works, check integrity of existing services and ensure contractors are working safely and cleaning up after themselves.

4.  Fit Off And Finish
This part of the renovation is when the project will feel like it is all coming together. It includes plastering, tiling, painting and installation of fixtures. Scheduling is also very important in this stage to allow any necessary cure times for products and to ensure trades are not working over the top of each other. Services and fixtures should be tested and commissioned to ensure they are working correctly and to not void any manufactures warranties. Now is also a good time to ask any questions on how fixtures or appliances operate.

Mudge Plumbing is able to assist in this step by scheduling trades and ordering materials, ensure each trade completes all work to a high standard, ensure all compliance certificates are issued, final clean and hand over.

Stunning Perth Bathroom Renovation

A well planned bathroom design will help deliver a stunning renovation.

Getting Your Bathroom Renovation Started

Your next step is to call Paul at Mudge Plumbing on 08 9403 6446 to discuss your renovation project. Before calling you might like to consider the following;

  1. Do you have your design finalised?
  2. Why have you decided to renovate your bathroom? i.e. is it a facelift for a rental or sale or do you want to improve your home.
  3. What services do you require us for – Project management or Plumbing only?
  4. Have you chosen or purchased your fixtures? Or would you like us to supply (this will cost 10% more but will save you a lot of time and possible delays)?
  5. When were you thinking about stating your renovation?
  6. When would be a suitable time to attend site and assess the job?

We look forward to hearing from you.